Our services aim to cover the entire lifecycle of your IP: from its conception to its protection, to the exploitation and the sale or abandonement. 

From business idea to its retirement

The IP Lifecycle


There are various forms of IP: copyright, trademarks, designs, patents, trade secrets. We help you to choose the appropriate one and build a strong line of defence (aka IP portfolio) around your IP.

An IP registration provides simple evidence that you own it and want to control or prevent its use by others. 


Registration of IP rights locally and globally 

Third parties who claim to have better (older) rights and accuse you of copying their IP or use it without authorisation. A careful analysis of the respective rights and interests is necessary and will in most cases also lead to an amicable resolution.

Defensive conflict

Actions against third parties who copy your IP or use it without your consent. Most of these cases are resolved amicably and given our long experience, we know how to approach these infringers.

Offensive conflicts

Whenever you register your IP with a national IP office, you may face refusals or demands for specifications. Given our long experience with IP offices, we know how to handle these cases. 

Office actions


Conflict resolution

A well-managed IP portfolio is a must for further growth or a sale of the business. IP portfolios grow over time and thus they need to be carefully managed to ensure their effectiveness and control the costs. This requires its timely renewal, expansion or abondement when not used anymore.


IP portfolio management